Through one-to-one student services, as well as regular consultation and "big picture" goal setting, we help students achieve their full academic potential.

We personally provide educational therapy to students in the areas of executive function, study strategies and skills, higher-level reading comprehension, and writing skills. This work is often done in context of nightly homework and long-term assignments so as not to add a new time burden to the student. We also provide consulting services to parents and schools seeking to understand specific learning issues of the twice-exceptional, or gifted/learning challenged, student. Working with parents, students and schools, we develop and implement over-all plans and strategies to help students find academic and personal success at various stages of academic development.

Through our colleagues at Launch Education ( we are also able to provide a full range of academic tutoring in all subject areas for students from the elementary through the college level. Regular contact with our colleagues in related therapeutic fields allows us to develop a fully-functioning team to meet a studentís varied needs.

Carolyn has worked with gifted students with learning challenges and differences such as ADHD and nonverbal learning disabilities for over forty years. Her continual focus has been on utilizing current research and best current practices to help individual students identify strengths that will help them overcome weaknesses. Molly Bogad, coincidentally the daughter of Carolyn, joined the practice in 2009.